Daniel Mondi, Government Administrative Chief in Mt. Elgon, Kenya


“As a chief I found myself using excessive force on the people I lead. As a believer and an elder in my local church my administrative style was wanting and disturbing because people could not understand my administrative role and my faith. So when I learned about the leadership training center which had began in town, I decided to join but it took a lot of humbling to be in a class with people I lead. After a few courses I started seeing some change in my life particularly with my attitude and behavior. The anger and ashiness  I had when dealing with community issues was changing. When I started applying the principles I was learning to my family it seemed to work. I’m finding myself being a servant leader and a friend unlike before. This training has given me some transformative skills for my administrative work and my family. I pray this training  to continue here for my community. Thank you Leadership International for coming to our aid.”

Bishop Moses Machasi Ndiema from Mt. Elgon, Kenya

“I lead more than 10 congregations with a population of 400 members. When I joined [Leadership International] I was looking for skills to help me in leading the flock which God put under my care. This course did not only sharpen me for the church work but it transformed me as person and revolutionizing my understanding of leadership. I’m practicing this at home with my family. I now see myself as a servant but not a tyrant boss. My prayer is to take the transformation to the people  I’m serving with so as to transform them.”

Pastor Matthew

“This is a transformative program for both the church and church leaders. I will carry it on to my own congregation.”

Pastor Kenneth Akomea Koah from Ghana

“This training has really helped me a lot especially during training of teachers for children’s ministry, Pastor’s seminars and conferences. I am able to answer the questions most pastors ask with ease. It was also helped me to teach with understanding, confidence and clarity. The knowledge acquired here in addition to my qualification in Christian ministry has helped me to teach children’s ministry in some Bibles School s in Sunyani and Techiman.”

Pastor Samuel Kwame Aniponsah

“It has raised my confidence level in the ministry. Also fear and panic that bothered me when I was in front of the congregation are all gone.”

Pastor Acheaw S.W. Pingle

“This institution has taught me ways of witnessing to other people. It has also enhanced my understanding of the Scripture.”

Adu Kofi Saraphine

“I have been enrolled in this BTPC program for about 18 months now. I have over the period gained better biblical knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. I have, as a result, become more committed to my Christian faith.”

Pastor Kwadwo Yeboah

“Through the school, I have gained more confidence in preaching the Word of God in public. The school has helped me to learn and develop my spiritual life. And through the teachings, I have learned how to be a good leader.”

Pastor Mark Anponsah

“I have acquired a lot of knowledge from the Bible Training for Church Leaders and Pastors since enrolling some 18 months ago in the areas of Bible knowledge, leadership, and church administration.”

Alangu Emmanuel, leader of ‘Jesus in Action Evangelic Ministry’ in Sunyani, Ghana

“I was lacking in the skills and knowledge in interpreting the Word of God, but through this educative program, I am now able to interpret the Scripture better through the help of the Holy Ghost.”