Our Mission

Leadership International exists to equip Christ-like leaders for God’s mission. Together, our network and team are serving around 1,500 leaders annually. We serve these leaders with classroom training, coaching and capital.

Core Values

  • Inspiration: to be led by the Lord in all we do
  • Integrity: to work in light of God’s accountability over us
  • Innovation: to strive for more effective methods of ministry
  • Indigenity: to empower transformation through local leadership

What Makes Us Unique

  • Missional: the purpose is not just teaching and training. The result is for more people to know Christ and follow him.
  • Relational: we want to build leaders through personal relationships, not just sharing information. We walk with leaders and empower them to fulfill their God-given vision.
  • Christ Centered: we follow Christ, we build leaders like Christ did, and we build leaders that act like Christ.
  • Strategic: we work with church leaders in places where they have little access to other training and material.