Board + Advisory Council

Larry Warren (Board) is the President of Leadership International, currently residing outside Nashville, Tennessee. Larry and Mary are the parents of four sons. They have spent 12 of the last 25 years living in Africa and have started two Christian education organizations. Larry is the founder of African Leadership and oversaw the training of more than 50,000 church leaders in 30 countries through a 500-hour classroom training program. Larry also raised funds for more than 100 development projects and initiated the online fundraising ministry called Mocha Club. In 2011, Larry responded to the request of thousands of African pastors who, after finishing their Biblical Foundationstraining, asked for additional training in Christ-Centered Leadership and community development. Leadership International, founded in 1990, was reorganized to fulfill that purpose today.

Bob Dyar (Board) is chairman of the board for Leadership International. He is the Lead Chaplain for Joe Gibbs Racing and the founder and president of Sports Outreach Group. Bob has an MBA from the University of South Carolina and has over 30 years of business and ministry experience. He’s traveled to Africa several times and started ministry in Asia and more than 50 other countries. He and his wife Connice live in Charlotte, NC and are the parents of three grown children.

Jim Hitson (Board) serves as an Advisor with West Coast Financial, where he assists families with aligning their values, talents and finances for generational impact. Jim’s diverse career spans more than 20 years serving in various leadership positions in the Financial Services and Telecommunications industries. Jim received his Bachelor’s degree from Samford University, his MBA from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and his Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Dwight Davison (Advisory Council) works with a church planting ministry, focused on developing a biblical view of work as worship that will equip professionals to have the maximum impact possible on their coworkers in businesses overseas. Dwight attended the United States Naval Academy and has a Masters degree in Computer Science and a certificate of Biblical Studies from Capitol Seminary. Dwight had a 32-year career in information technology leading development teams and other project managers in both development and implementation projects. For 20 years Dwight served on the board of a Christian School in northern Virginia and was the board chairman for 12 of those years.

Mark Wagner (Advisory Council) and his wife live in Washington. He is passionate about empowering and equipping young leaders through music, teaching and training. He has traveled extensively internationally as a professional recording artist for the past 15 years. Mark previously worked with Leadership International, training leaders and helping to raise awareness and funds to benefit orphan education in Southern Africa.

Kyle (Advisory Council) is an innovator and connector who is keen in looking for ways to exploit present opportunities while exploring future possibilities.  His background is in leading the development of new and promising multichannel marketing strategies at small and medium sized organizations.  He has driven various multi-million dollar direct marketing strategies across nine countries around the globe from Central America to Western Europe.  With expertise in digital and offline channels his efforts focus on two primary objectives: integrated content marketing leading to exceptional customer experiences and scalable strategies that balance the needs of the present while innovating the future.  A self-proclaimed fan of the Human-Centered Design marketing methodology, Kyle’s work is built off trying to solve one simple question: how do current and prospective audiences find ultimate meaning and purpose?  Kyle’s hobbies include fly-fishing and golf.  He resides in Scottsdale, AZ with his wife and two daughters.

Justin Miller (Advisory Council) is a native of Atlanta, GA and attended Vanderbilt University. He met his wife of 8 years, Lindsay, while at Vanderbilt. During undergrad, he saw a need for a different kind of intervention in the HIV/AIDS crisis- one that wasn’t just medical but social. He founded CARE for AIDS in 2007 to utilize local churches in Africa as a means to provide accessible and affordable job training, counseling, spiritual care, and nutritional support to vulnerable parents living with HIV. By empowering parents to live long, healthy, and productive lives, he believed they could live long and raise their kids. To date, CARE for AIDS employs over 130 local staff who have served over 10,000 parents and prevented more than 30,000 children from being orphaned. The passion and vision that fuels him is a world people can live a life beyond AIDS. Justin currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and three-year-old daughter, Addie, and their newborn son, Logan. They attend Renovation Church. In May 2017, Justin completed his MBA at Emory University. He serves on the board of his alma mater, Landmark Christian School.