Summer 2014

From Nairobi Kenya

Summer 2014

Dear Friends of Larry and Mary and Leadership International,

Greetings from beautiful Nairobi, Kenya! Thank you so much for your prayers, phone calls and emails expressing concern for our safety and well being during these tumultuous times in Kenya and for our faithful partners in other parts of the continent. Your prayers have been answered and we are fine. We narrowly escaped the Westgate tragedy, and live just across the freeway from the Somali settlement area, where much unrest continues. We moved to this apartment last year to get away from the violent home invasions that were rampant on our street, and quit going to some public places and have restricted our travel.

But in the midst of the violence, the work for the Kingdom has not diminished. In fact the pastors and leaders are asking us for more and more leadership and Biblical training. The fields truly are ripe for harvest! John 4:35&36, “I (Jesus) tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. Even now the reaper draws his wages; even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together.

” Thank you for being glad together with us! Thank you for doing your part in this Great Commission Ministry and helping to further the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus on earth today.

Below you see classes, seminars, and teacher training sessions that are meeting in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. These men and women are being strengthened and encouraged in their own personal relationship with Christ. They testify that they are becoming more the men and women of faith that they believe God wants them to be, and growing closer in their personal journey with the Lord. They are becoming better equipped to preach, teach, and edify the people in their churches and evangelize the people in their communities both in Word and Deed.

Three photos of leadership training in Kenya, Ghana, and Zimbabwe.  Also, three photos of soccer and rugby teams at New Dawn Academy

Our orphan education ministry continues supporting vulnerable, at risk and orphaned children and young adults. For many years, we’ve supported 370 orphans in Zimbabwe. The last 70 are still in high school, thanks for helping us to keep them there! We have a new partnership with the ABC Kenya school of 800 students in Nairobi. The good news is that our web-based fund-raising is growing through the work of Mark Wagner and StorySong. Lord willing we will be releasing another compilation album to raise support for children at risk, this time with several Grammy winners already offering songs and distribution deals in the works with major companies. Please pray this will all come together this year.

Last year as an outgrowth of the orphan education ministry and the schools we were involved with, we began supporting a rugby team and a boys and girls soccer team. The teams were comprised of mostly the at risk and orphaned children. The rugby team came in second place at a Kenya national tournament in Nakuru. This has been a great outlet for the kids who would not have been able to compete otherwise. They tell us “sports are only for the rich kids because we could never afford to pay the entry fees and could not buy the shoes or uniforms to be able to play!” It has given them confidence and built character that they do not have to resort to the 3 “s’s” of living in poverty, to steal, starve or self destruct.

We’ve added another ‘S’ to the poverty options: self-employment! You’ll also see below some pictures of the beneficiaries of our micro-finance program. In partnership with Kiva, the largest US based small loan program, 98% of those who we recommended for loans, paid them back on time and qualified for another larger loan.

Photos of the worship team and students at ABC Kenya.  Photos of Kiva clients and business owners

We love you and miss you and look forward to being back in the US for a few weeks and seeing you if you are available. We will be in Tennessee from about June 20th to July 20, with short visits to NC.

It is with great sadness in our hearts that our beloved friend and champion for the poor Barbara Ambrose has passed into Heaven. Her lovely daughter Ellie heard Larry speak about helping the orphans in Africa! With Barbara’s help and guidance, the wonderful ministry Ellie’s Run for Africa began. Please pray for the Ambrose family during this difficult time and in the years to come.

Please prayerfully consider making a financial gift today to Leadership International!
Thank you & Jesus Bless you.

For the Kingdom, Larry & Mary Warren

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